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Assuming you are anticipating visiting Jordan for the travel industry, you in all likelihood will actually want to acquire a 2-week vacationer visa upon appearance (check on the off chance that your nation is qualified here). As of May 2018, the cost of the vacationer visa was 40 JD (single section).


Extending a visa 1-3 months

Assuming that you anticipate remaining longer than your visa considers, following multi month you want to visit the police headquarters nearest to your transitory home to extend it to 90 days (for nothing). You should give fundamental data about yourself and where you will remain during your leftover time in Jordan. You likewise need to give motivation to your visa augmentation with confirmation. For instance, your condo rent, a letter from your Arabic school, and so forth

To approach broadening my own travel industry visa, I went to the police headquarters in my region (find the police office nearest to you). The initial step was to finish up papers with my identification and visa data (remember to bring it along with copies), my mom’s data (a piece odd) and my transitory location in Amman.

Tip #1: Bring someone who knows Arabic, just in case.

Then, I went to a separate part of the police station to get fingerprinted and have my papers signed by the officer during the fingerprinting.

Tip #2: Bring wet wipes because there is no bathroom to wash the black ink off your fingers and you end up walking around trying not to touch anything like this…

After you have been fingerprinted, you head back to the original place you filled out the papers to hand in the papers and you’re done!

It’s a relatively smooth process, but as everything in Jordan, it definitely helps to know someone. So that’s where my final tip comes in…

Tip #3: bring along an ex-police officer to translate and skip a few lines. Ask a Jordanian friend for a contact, most likely they know someone who can help out. Do know, you will have to “tip” this person for their services.

Extending a visa 3-6 months

Assuming you have effectively stretched out your visa to 90 days utilizing the cycle above, you can get a further expansion to as long as a half year at the Management of Residence and Borders office (called Al-Iqama wal Hudood in Arabic) off Wasfi Al Tall Street in Khalda

At the Management of Residence and Borders office you should finish up an application, give duplicates of your identification and visa page (no copy accessible on location) and pay a charge of 1 JD. When you present your application you need to return in about fourteen days to check whether the expansion was supported.

If you overstay your visa

There is a punishment is 1.5 JD for each outstayed day. Fundamentally, this implies you’ll be charged 45 JD for every month you pass as far as possible.

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