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For a One of a Kind Italian Experience

Set Menu for Two: 65-70 JDs

Interesting, comfortable and decidedly overflowing with character: The Jasmine House Art and Food Italian feasting experience goes past the first rate food; their in-house Italian culinary specialist Vencio behaves, giving you an organized manually written menu that changes day by day. For cautiously clarify the strategy behind his specialty and set on a demonstration of pouring the wine you brought along into your glass.
Heartfelt, noteworthy and unequivocally scrumptious: find one of Amman’s secret pearls.

For the Sushi Super-Fan

Set Menu for Two: 109 JDs

What’s superior to a Sushi Date, you inquire? A sushi date at a bamboo wilderness, that is what. Beguile your date with a night at Tsuki! Allow the credible Japanese experience to take you and your darling by the hand for an investigation of Japan’s most heavenly dishes!

For the Lovers Who Enjoy Breakfast in Bed

Ruin your sweetheart with a precious stone studded breakfast that could equal any tennis arm band it’s similarly as stunning, and won’t break your ledger. My pleasure! Namliyeh is the coziest French Toast joint around. Their feathery admissions accompany a bewildering cluster of new sticks, products of the soil, for your crème de la crème.

For a Premium Menu That Will Make You Eat Your Hearts Out

Set Menu for Two: 55 JDs

It’s actual what they say: the speediest approach to anybody’s heart is through their stomach, and kid, do we have an alternate way for you! La Capitale Restaurant has food that is equaled by no other in Amman. The french inside with the drop down light installations make a glow that envelopes you, with a company of painstakingly chosen wines that isn’t anything not exactly without a doubt the ideal blending to a feast that will change your meaning of good food until the end of time.

Tell Her You’re Loaded, Without Telling Her You’re Loaded

32° North shouts HE RICH! Or on the other hand pleasantly murmurs it; this is a tasteful joint all things considered. Pop the champagne and experience a feel bound to be found in Manhattan than any Amman café. Give her (or him!) a sample of easy street they’ll get with you, basically for an evening!

Let the Stars Lay the Way to Your Bae’s Heart

You needn’t bother with a telescope to set up a stargazing date. All you must do is look at the excellence of thy date, correct? Right. Be that as it may, in the event that you want to take it in a real sense, you can go stargaze with an aide and a high-power computerized telescope at the Bubble Luxotel Wadi Rum. What’s more you realize that they say; What occurs in an air pocket in Wadi Rum, stays in an air pocket in Wadi Rum.

Set Your Romance on a Simmer in a Hot Spring

Bring along a towel and a cutie for a bubbling splash that will clear your skin, tackle your concerns and fix your downturn. With a shocking perspective on the strong cascades, the extravagant lodges, and your slackened muscles… there truly is certainly not a more heartfelt spot than Ma’in Hot Springs Resort and Spa!

For a Parisian Night

Set Menu for Two: 57 JDs

Take your chérie for a c’est magnifique dream night in an emerald city with a french wind! Allons-y to La Maison Verte for a sample of French food in a rich air outfitted with brilliant trees and extravagant green couches that you can sink into while you sink into your darling’s eyes. Set a jug of Bordeaux aside briefly ice bebe and you’re good to go for a memorable night.

For a Couple That Enjoys R&R

Shock your darling with a smaller than normal outing to Bali… well a Bali Spa day at any rate. Go to the Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont and wash away every one of those colder time of year blues at their couples rub rooms. The room will be decked out in Valentine’s Day Red and Pink formal attire, Red Velvet cake and flower petals; Yes. Very much like in the films!

For Some Liquid Courage

Wine is the twine of affection. Your jokes will sound more amusing and their teeth will look more white under the delicate sparkle lit coverings of the High Garden Rooftop. A very heartfelt interesting little spot, with the weak path of music and the Amman Skyline setting the state of mind for a comfortable and heartfelt evening.

For the Cat Lovers

Forlorn on Valentine’s? However, you couldn’t realistically be, not when we know a pack of cat floofs that can stay with you! Bring a companion and go along to a strict Cat Jungle. You haven’t known genuine love until you’ve encountered a murmuring portion of chonk CHOOSING you as their assigned hooman!

For the Social Butterflies

Need to make a meet-adorable second? Fyxx in Swefieh Village has the right fyxx for you. In a flawlessly planned moderate shop that is open, amicable, and intuitive, you’ll meet similar individuals, taste on mindfully chosen wine and perhaps track down an accomplice for next Valentine’s!

For the Artsy-Fartsy Folks

Fashion a bond in something like tar! This current Valentine’s Day, heart formed hoops are for the most part the fury; particularly assuming you make them yourself! Get a companion, and look at the Dem Cool Earrings studio in Almond Coffee House. You get a yummy beverage of your decision and leave with manifestations that will everlastingly hold the memory of a period very much enjoyed with great individuals!

For the Friend Group Full of Singles

As the old insight goes: Chais before folks… Brothers before sweethearts… OK perhaps it doesn’t go precisely that way. Yet, companions truly are superior to sweethearts and there’s nothing better compared to a typical game night at Locals’ (Turtle Green) to advise you that you have all you want! It’s healthy, with some Turtle Green tea, and a pile of games to jump into.

For the Adventurers

Get that good good D, Vitamin D, baby! Everyone and their mother is Vitamin D deficient in this country. It is ironic yes, but D deficiency can actually contribute to things like depression! So instead of staying in and ruminating on it, get it out of your system with Scrambling’s Almond Trail hike! Get some fresh air, connect with nature and get in some type-D cardio! 

Happy Valentines Day

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