Indoor Playgrounds for Kids in Amman

Samer Tallauze


Tala Kids Club

Location: Swefieh, Al Baraka Mall 1st Floor

My survey: My little child truly appreciated Tala Kids Club. It had a region loaded with things flawlessly his speed to investigate securely. The vehicles to drive in and the legos table were his top picks. Tala Kids Club additionally has a decent set-up for more seasoned kids, as the 2 sides are divided so children can be at the right degree of play. One thing I didn’t like with regards to TKC was that the music was so offensively clearly you truly needed to leave sooner or later.

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My review: I much preferred the ambiance at Tala Kids Club to Lollihop. The staff was too aggressive when it came to purchasing their special socks (even if you came with your own socks!). I also found it’s not as toddler-friendly or as clean as Tala Kids Club.

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